Saturday, December 28, 2013

How To Naturally Beat Skin Ageing

Most of us want to look younger than our current age. Because of this, many resort to the surgical ways to reverse the effects of ageing on our skin. There is nothing wrong with that if you are ready budget-wise. But what would you do if you are quite hard up? Below are some quick tips you can follow.

Stay away from alcohol and nicotine – Both are responsible for breaking the elasticity of skin. Notice how alcoholics and smokers look older than their real age. This is caused by the reduction of collagen in the skin.

Complete your sleep hours – Staying up late to have fun or to work also cause collagen reduction. Seven to eight hours is still ideal when it comes to sleeping.

Eat right and exercise – Fruits and veggies are key in having healthy glowing skin. Many Hollywood celebrities choose to be vegetarians because they want to look younger. Reduce your beef and pork intake. If you cannot live without meats, go for seafoods as they are rich in Omega 3. As you eat healthy, don’t forget about working out. Sweat can remove skin-damaging toxins inside your body.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Adult Acne Treatment: Skin Health Vs. Vanity

People who frequent skin clinics often get the look of raised eyebrows from their friends. Why? Because some ca be so close-minded that  they think of it as vanity. But the truth is, it's also about maintaining good skin health - especially when you suffer from skin conditions like adult acne.

Adult acne is quite challenging to cure. You might find yourself using different topical treatments and yet nothing seem to work. With this, professional help would definitely be needed. Pricking on it with your bare hands or with tools without a specialist's assistance can just make the condition of your face even worse. Why? Doing so may cause further infection specifically when your tools are not sterilized or when you hit on points on your face which must be avoided.

There are a number of treatments offered by beauty salons and skin clinics alike. They both offer facial cleaning as a basic treatment. Obviously, the salon treatments cost less because they are performed only by trained attendants who didn't major in dermatology. If you do not want to risk your skin health, drop by a credible clinic where treatments are performed by specialists.

Adult acne comes along with other negative effects like scarring and skin discoloration. If they are not treated early on, they can sink deep into the skin and the dark spots they bring would be very hard to remove. With the technological breakthroughs happening around, such scar removal does not have to be painful at all. Laser light treatments are meant to lighten these discolorations without posing much harm and effect on your skin.

Making our facial skin beautiful and damage-free is key to creating in us self-confidence. Admit or not, clear skin makes us look clean and professional particularly when we meet people for business purposes or other concerns. A clear skin, in fact, may give you an edge over other applicants when  you are lined up for a job interview.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Health Dangers Of Undergoing Hair Treatments

photo credit: NYtimes
If you are not born with naturally beautiful hair, you would definitely be saving up just to have your wiry locks treated once or twice in a year. But, did you know that hair treatments such as coloring, rebonding and straightening among others are dangerous to health? Yeah. That is despite the fact that well-known salons swear on their safety.

Now, these might make you think twice about getting your hair treated in the salon. Right?

Eye irritation is the primary damage which hair treatment can give you. The chemicals used in treating hair can be strong. They may not hurt your eyes at the instant they get applied to your hair strands but they can even cause blindness as they sit on your head for a couple of hours.

Next to the eyes, your nose can get irritated too. Bleeding is one manifestation of this. As your nose is irritated, you could experience difficulty in breathing. Coughs and sneezing can soon develop.  Lastly, your scalp and skin in the forehead, nape, shoulders and even your face can get rashes and other forms of itching.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Sweating: Its Importance To Our Body

Do you work all day in the office in front of the computer? And there's no way you are hitting that 10,000 steps mark for a day to sweat out?  If your answer to both questions are yes, you are most likely to be overweight and sickly. But if you're not, you're lucky.

Having a physical activity is definitely key in sweating. On the other hand, you would not sweat no matter how you move if your whole body is dehydrated. Therefore, drinking lots of water can trigger that generous sweating you are looking forward to experience.

#1 Healthy glowing skin

Skin experts say they can easily identify whether  a person is properly hydrated with just one look at his or her skin. In the same manner, they can tel whether a person exercises to sweat through the looks of his or her skin. The entire skin in our body is filled with pores. When they get blocked by the dirt around us, the toxins stay inside our bodies. Sweating is a good way to release those toxins out of our bodies.

# 2 Relief from overheating

Sweating gives our bodies freedom from overheating. When we feel hot inside, we start to sweat as this is the way through which our bodies adapt to the surrounding temperature and keep us from fainting due to heat stroke.

# 3 Stronger body

This related to the release of toxins due to sweating. Our internal organs can be covered with toxins and they signal us about it when we have fever. There are times when resting and taking medicine do not help. Rather, sweating takes the illness out of our bodies.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Practical Sleep Remedies For Everyone

Have you been relying  greatly on the power of sleeping pills lately? If yes, this is not a good sign for your health because sleeping pills can pose negative effects on your overall condition besides making you relaxed and sleeping. With this, it would be good to have a plan B - a practical way to getting yourself catching Zs at night.

Prioritize sleeping - Believe it or not, we are not good at this. We tend to do a lot of things at night especially during bedtime thinking that when all our senses are tired we could instantly fall into sleep. While this can be true once or twice, your body will soon adopt to being awake at night and not sleeping at all. Thus, you should prepare yourself every night. Take a bath, change clothes, drink milk, turn off the lights and lie in bed early to condition yourself to sleep.

No to coffee and workouts in the afternoon and evening - If you are a coffee lover, limit your coffee cup in the morning only and nothing more past afternoon. Caffeine can get you up and awake until night time. As for working out in the evening, this will cause your adrenaline to shoot up. Even if your body feels tired, you would just end up restless in bed and not sleeping at all. So, you better workout in the morning when all the adrenaline rush would be  of best use.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Choosing A Toothpaste - How To Pick The Best Brand

Rooting for the best brand of toothpaste could be the best option to do for most people.  But some people may not benefit from them especially when they have special dental needs.

Consult your dentist -  Through regular check-ups, your dentist can evaluate the real condition of your gums and teeth. From the findings, your dentist can provide a prescription of the best toothpaste for you. Relate whatever sensitivities you may feel to get the best prescription.

Think fluoride - In a parenting seminar, I learned from the guest dentist that toothpastes are nothing if they have got no fluoride in them. Fluoride is the main element that combats cavities and tooth decay. You must also consider fluoride presence when looking for the best mouthwash for your personal use.

Stay away from sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) - Many dental surveys share that SLS is harmful to health. Read through the ingredient list to track SLS components. There are a few brands which do not include this. They are usually the famed organic toothpastes. They cost more than usual but they play as effective means of protection to your dental health.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Cell Regeneration And You

When healthy skin is being talked about, cell regeneration  are one of the many terms that pop up in certain discussions. This is because most experts attest that this phenomenon in the body produces a young skin for all of us. There are other wonderful effects that result from this - brand new brain cells, tissues, skeletons, red blood cells, internal organs and DNA. Below is a schedule of cell regeneration happening in the body and its results. Bodies of both and women undergo similar schedule.

120 Days - NEW Red Blood Cells
  90 Days - NEW Skeleton
  60 Days - NEW Brain Cells, Tissue
  49 Days - NEW Bladder
  45 Days - NEW Liver - NEW DNA Cell Material
  30 Days - NEW Hair - NEW Skin

Although cell regeneration is a phenomenon that naturally transpires with in the body, some researches relate the importance of healthy lifestyle for it to totally take place with all its wonderful benefits. Lack of sleep or sleeping at the wrong time - like sleeping in the morning and not at night - can impede successful cell regeneration as it is believed to transpire between nine in the evening up to three in the morning when the body is at full rest.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Staying Safe In The Sun

Now that the ozone layer is depleting, many people are anxious about going under the sun even just for a short walk. Countries that are positioned right under the biggest holes in the  ozone layer encourage their countrymen to take extra care of themselves whenever they are outside their homes. Here are some practices which you can observe everyday.

Wear sunscreen - At this time, specialists recommend sunscreens with higher SPF. It is no longer enough to choose sunscreens with basic contents and good scent. There are sunscreens which  are highly recommended by anti-cancer organizations. It is best to choose one of these more than any other brand. Look for UVA/UVB indications. Apply the sunscreen generously on your skin to ensure maximum protection.

Wear clothes that will cover your whole body - But be careful to choose clothes that are light in color so that light will be reflected and not absorbed by the body. Clothes that do not hug the body are great as well because it allows your body to breathe. Under this category, one must wear hats and sunglasses too.

Keep yourself hydrated - Dehydration can happen  quickly when you are under the sun. It is always best to bring along a bottle of water wherever you go. Refrain from drinking carbonated and caffeinated drinks because they rob the body of much-needed water.

Friday, August 2, 2013

What You Need To Know About Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

An increasing number of women today find it difficult to have a baby because of the Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or PCOS. This is brought about by the imbalance of hormones in a woman's body. Apart from not getting pregnant, PCOS can pose other health dangers like diabetes and heart disease. In truth, it can alter the way you look if it is not treated early.

Even though some studies prove that this is quite in the genes, some specialists say that they are also acquired because of the unhealthy foods that compose our daily diet.

The common symptom of PCOS is having only a few periods than the expected number in a year. Other symptoms include acne formation, gaining weight and trouble slimming down, thinning hair on the scalp but growing hair on the face, chest, belly and back.

As the term suggests, women with PCOS suffer from having cysts in the ovary which are not harmful. But they cause ovaries not to be fit to carry a baby. A series of lab tests will be advised for its clear diagnosis. Medicines will help your ovary be cleared of these cysts. Nonetheless, physical exercise, eating healthy foods and managing your weight are recommended in getting rid of the said cysts.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Vitamins

Are you taking vitamins on a daily basis and doubting whether you are getting the most out of them? According to specialists in the field of medicine, there is a right way to take vitamins to ensure that your body is benefiting from doing so.

Taking vitamins alone would not make you healthy. Researches reveal that the contents of these vitamins must bond well with the foods you eat so that they get absorbed by your body fully and quickly. This goes to show that eating healthy foods along side taking vitamins is needed. Metabolism rates play an important role here also. Some have good metabolism, some don't.

The best time of the day for taking vitamins and/or other supplements is in the morning. It must be done with in 30 minutes once you have eaten your breakfast. Be sure to eat foods that are rich in calcium or protein. Eating fruits will also give you the best results as you take vitamins.

Perhaps, you missed taking your vitamins in the morning. Do not rush to take them on an empty stomach. Do take them only after you have eaten lunch so that they will break down with your food and your body will absorb their contents well.

Monday, July 29, 2013

All You Need To Know About Handwashing

Handwashing is said to be the easiest way to avoid getting sick. It prevents infection as the spread of bacteria and germs are stopped before it even happens.

Handwashing is best done with the use of soap and flowing water. Hand sanitizers that are alcohol-based would be great for handwashing as well.

You may ask, do we only wash our hands when we are about to eat? Here are some ideas which can give you a clear answer to this.

  • Wash your hands before preparing foods, treating wounds, giving medicines to the sick and putting on or removing contact lenses.
  • Wash your hands after using the toilet, cleaning or preparing raw food, collecting garbage and other wastes, caring for sick people, petting animals and coughing or sneezing.
When washing your hands, be sure to have soap and water by your side. Bar or liquid soap would do. Follow the steps in the image below.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Common Queries You Should Be Asking Your Dentist

Guessing can definitely lead you to expensive mistakes which can even cost the good condition of your gums and teeth. To avoid this, all you have to do is be open with your dental specialist and lay down your dental concerns and thoughts on things you are unsure of.  What questions should you ask your dentist? Below are a few examples.
On one of your visits, be reminded to inquire about the exact dates of regular cleaning or periodic exams. Although cleaning is generally done once a year, you might need it done more than once or twice depending on the condition of your gums and pearly whites. In connection to that, never be shy to ask about the dental procedures which your dentist recommends. Being the patient, your approval is important in the performance of these procedures specifically when having enough funds for the dental fees is an issue. The same concerns may be raised when it is your child whose dental health needs attention. 

In the field of dentistry, technological advancements happen left and right. But the sad reality is not all specialists adhere to these or offer any of these in their clinics. Before undergoing any procedure, ask about your specialist’s dental techniques, the latest tools he has got and the additional education he has acquired. Depending on their personal preferences, specialists can study further in order to attend to advanced dental problems.

Adults and young children can both have dental fear. If you or any of your loved ones suffer from this, do inquire about the ways this can be lightened if not totally arrested. For all you  now, having an open conversation with your dentist is all you need in order to feel calm and relaxed during a simple check-up or a dreadful procedure.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Organic Toiletries - Why Give Them A Try?

Have you ever hard of the sad stories about allergies brought about by the use of certain toiletries? This is not impossible to happen as these hygiene essentials are also made of chemicals. In fact, I remember a personal experience where in I acquired thick rashes on my forehead and nape because I tried a new brand of shampoo which did not suit my body chemistry.

I have read one article about the chemicals we use for household and personal. It states that most of the products we use contain harsh foaming agents called SLS. This usually present in toothpastes, shampoos, hand wash and facial washes among others. (I guess this explains why I had the rashes when I tried another shampoo). The cosmetics which we love can also be the root cause of health problems like thrush.

Thanks to technology and unwavering passion of some manufaturers to provide organic options for everyone that we now have organic toiletries available in the market. By using them, you can keep your skin healthy and younger-looking. More so, you can reap the natural benefits of the herbs which were used for their production. Chamomile in powder or soap, for example, soothes and relaxes the body.

Monday, April 15, 2013

How To Make Your Kids Eat Better - Part 2

Do you have a child with food phobia? This is quite natural until children become gradeschoolers.You can slowly introduce food through positive reinforcement. Praise them when they are able to finish the meal you prepared. Underscore the health benefits of eating right and on time.

Don't skip breakfasts - Children are usually eager to eat foods in different colors and shapes. There are fiber-rich cereals and wheat bread which are available in grocery stores. Serve them with milk and fruit cut-outs.

Involve them in meals preparation - Children feel extra special when they see themselves as part of something big. Let them help out,say, in the preparation of vegetable or fruit salads. Keep pointed and sharp utensils away for safety.

Offer treats but avoid daily supply of junkfoods - Parents are responsible for all the foods which get inside the house. If you love junkfoods, your kids will mimic that. It wouldn't hurt though if you will reward them with a small bag of chips once in a while like when the whole is watching a movie. 

Friday, April 12, 2013

How To Make Your Kids Eat Better - Part 1

If kids are not guided appropriately, they will eat whatever they want whenever they want to. What's worse, they won't eat at all - just playing computer games the whole day. I know so because that is what happened exactly to my kids for a week when I was out of the house and they were left under a relative's care. Anyhow, here are some ideas which can get you started on this.

Schedule and plan - Children need to stay nourished. They need to eat three full meals, two snacks and enough amount of fluids on a daily basis. If you do not take note of the time, you can easily forget to feed your children. As a result, they might end up throwing tantrums because of hunger. 

Plan your menu. More than concentrating on the taste or presentation, make sure that every meal you set is jam-packed with all the needed nutrients. Meats, veggies, fruits, milk and juices must be given in appropriate portions. 

Do not police; be a model - Kids, in general, do not like eating healthy foods. The moment you lay balanced meals on the table, they will start choosing only the meats to eat. Refrain from commenting and forcing them to eat the greens. The more you enforce, the more they will resist. Rather, show them how you enjoy eating the veggies and utter positive remarks.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Healthy Soup For Sick Loved Ones

I have been going in and out of the hospital this past few weeks to take care of my sick dad. Mom is quite old to shoulder all the caring for him and so I managed to stay with him longer hours.

He suffered from pancreatitis (swollen and dysfunctional pancreas) since the gall stones he has for years already erupted. The doctors was able to save him from total danger through a surgery. Now, he is recovering from it. Just a couple of days ago, he was allowed to take in a soft diet as he said goodbye to the liquid diet he has had for weeks.

When you are sick, your food choices are limited to healthy ones. The doctor reminded me to refrain from feeding my dad with instant noodles and soups. The good thing is I am used to preparing healthy meals for my little ones. And so, I  simply pulled an old soup recipe from my recipe box. Here's what I got for him...

Wonderful Split Pea Soup

To make this soup, you will need the following ingredients:

green split peas, vegetable broth, butter, yellow onions, extra-virgin olive oil, sea salt, paprika, cumin, bay leaves, cayenne pepper, carrots, boiled eggs or toasted bread slices

1) Empty package of split peas into a colander or bowl. Sort through well, removing foreign matter and imperfect peas. Rinse well. Soak for two hours in 2 cups water.

2) Sauté minced garlic in 1 tablespoon of butter and 1 tablespoon olive oil until garlic golden , but not brown in color. Add 2 extra quarts of broth, and bay leaves.

3) Bring to a boil for 1 minute; reduce heat and simmer, covered for 1 hour. Remove cover and simmer an additional hour or until soup is desired consistency. You can add one by one your seasonings - sea salt, paprika, cumin, cayenne pepper.

4) In this case, I wanted a pureed soup since dad is on soft diet, and so I used a hand blender before adding in the cut carrots.

5) You can taste again the soup one half hour before serving; depending on your preference, you can add additional garlic or garlic powder and salt and pepper.

6) You can top it with boiled eggs or toasted bread slices.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Healthy Living with Basic Health Care Tips (Part 2)

Just a piece of health care advice: a substance wouldn’t be prohibited if it isn’t bad for your health. The government and health sector would prescribe it to citizens if that was the case.

Artificial colouring. Artificial flavours. Artificial everything. To make life and food preparation easier, people have succumbed too artificial methods. But natural is always the best. Chemicals are bad for our health, even the type of chemicals they put on vegetables to keep them fresh longer. Consider your healthy options. Go organic if you can. Organic products are your best bet, although they can be rather expensive.

How do you feel? Are you experiencing a great deal of stress? The last of today’s health care tips: avoid stress. Don’t worry too much. You don’t want wrinkles on your pretty face, and you absolutely don’t want a heart attack!

Some disorders are actually associated with one’s mental and emotional condition. Remember those times you went to the doctor because you have this horrible headache and painful chest spasms? And the doctor asks you if you’ve been doing overtime at work and if you’re under a lot of work related pressure? A troubled mind and a broken heart can actually affect your body’s ability to cope. You may not notice it, but it is not just your psychological defenses that get weaker. Your body gets affected when your mind’s messed up.

There’s nothing wrong with listening to health care advice every now and then. It may actually help you live a longer life.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Healthy Living with Basic Health Care Tips (Part 1)

Let’s keep our minds and bodies in check by following some health care tips. Our health is important so we should always remind ourselves to take care of it. Here are a few guidelines that might help make our lives a little longer.

This is something that your first grade teacher taught you. Remember the food pyramid? Get the right amount of starch, proteins, and lots of vitamins and minerals. Stock up on fruits and veggies.  Eat three balanced meals a day.

How much do you value your health? Do you still get enough rest in the midst of your fast paced lifestyle? Your need sleep and your body knows it. Here’s a piece of health care advice: try to pause from what you’re doing if it’s already midnight and you need to get back to work at six in the morning. Your health is more important than that deadline or promotion.

One of the hardest things to do for some people is to exercise. Exercise is important as it rids your body of unwanted calories and stored fat. It makes you feel and look good.

Part of the reason why our body stores excess fat aside from lack of exercise is because sometimes we eat too much. Or some of us drink and smoke excessively. One of the most disregarded of health care tips is self-control. Don’t eat too much. Don’t drink too much. Don’t even sleep too much.

Doctors say that drinking a glass of wine everyday is actually a healthy habit. But smoking? And what about drug usage? You know it’s not good for you, so why do it? Research claims that smoking is beneficial to people with mental disorders. But research also claims that smoking can cause lung cancer, emphysema and other pulmonary diseases, and aggravate heart disease. Everyone knows this and yet millions of people around the world smoke. Everyone knows that taking drugs is bad, and yet people still indulge.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Top Reasons For Going Organic

Going organic is definitely more than just being a trend. It is the key to having a healthy lifestyle for the young and old. I have read an article stating that our stomachs are the cores of our bodies. If we keep them healthy, then we can expect disease-free lives ahead of us.

By eating organic foods, we become less susceptible to the harms of eating fruits and vegetables that were grown with the use of pesticides. Allergies are one of these risks.

Moving forward, organic foods increase your appetite for vitamin and mineral intake. Somehow, they kind of send signals to your body - like the elements which must  be taken in on a regular basis.

Are you fond of drinking wines but you hate the hangover it gives? Here is good news for you. Organic wines can be as tasty but they do not cause headaches and chest pains because they are free of sulphur dioxide - the substance used in preserving commercialized wines.

Lastly, organic foods are best for our little ones. If they see us munching on some greens, they will be encouraged to do the same. Their immune systems will  be protected the earliest possible time.

Exercising With Kids: What You Need To Know

More often than not, being a parent means losing time for one's self. This is because most of your wake hours are spent on caring for the kids, keeping a day job and managing household chores.

These scenarios are also the common excuses parents say for not exercising. (Yes, I used to be one of those mommies who do not find time to exercise.)

Depending on the current age of your child, there are habits which you can observe to make room for exercising. Take a look at these:

Infant Through Preschool

  • Take note of their nap hours in the morning and in the afternoon.
  • Allot 15 mins in the morning and 15 mins in the afternoon to do some exercise routines. Short videos for this are very useful.
  • For the outdoors, take your child in a stroller and do rounds of briskwalking. 
  •  Plan a rollerblading or skating activity with them after school.
  •  Spend time in the park or playground where you can run and play hide and seek.
  •  Enroll to a swimming or tennis lessons with them every weekends.
Once kids become teenagers, you can have more time for yourself. But if you still want to exercise with them, you can register in some activities like fun runs or friendly tournaments which help you be fit.

Breastfeeding To Lose Weight: A Myth?

When I gave birth to my first child, I did not exert much effort to be consistent with my breastfeeding.  I did try it for a few weeks - on and off -  but I totally surrendered afterwards. Oh well, it is quite painful especially when my child had developed the habit of biting my nipple.

Its many benefits are not new to me as I often hear them from other moms. But I never took the time to experience it myself. It is only when I was having troubles with weight management that I thought of getting back to it. But 'twas already late and my breasts have already stopped lactating.

And so, when I got pregnant with my second child, I planned to breastfeed up until the time I have got milk to expend. Contrary to what I thought, I did not lose my appetite while breastfeeding. In fact, I ate more. But my appetite was leaning towards eating the healthy foods that my body needs to produce milk.

Honestly, I did not lose weight drastically. I was able to shed my pregnancy pounds gradually as I continue to breastfeed consistently. I did compare my pictures which were taken months after I gave birth with my first child and second child respectively. And yes, there was a significant difference in my figures in the photos. Weight loss through breastfeeding is not a myth after all.