Monday, April 15, 2013

How To Make Your Kids Eat Better - Part 2

Do you have a child with food phobia? This is quite natural until children become gradeschoolers.You can slowly introduce food through positive reinforcement. Praise them when they are able to finish the meal you prepared. Underscore the health benefits of eating right and on time.

Don't skip breakfasts - Children are usually eager to eat foods in different colors and shapes. There are fiber-rich cereals and wheat bread which are available in grocery stores. Serve them with milk and fruit cut-outs.

Involve them in meals preparation - Children feel extra special when they see themselves as part of something big. Let them help out,say, in the preparation of vegetable or fruit salads. Keep pointed and sharp utensils away for safety.

Offer treats but avoid daily supply of junkfoods - Parents are responsible for all the foods which get inside the house. If you love junkfoods, your kids will mimic that. It wouldn't hurt though if you will reward them with a small bag of chips once in a while like when the whole is watching a movie.