Friday, November 15, 2013

Adult Acne Treatment: Skin Health Vs. Vanity

People who frequent skin clinics often get the look of raised eyebrows from their friends. Why? Because some ca be so close-minded that  they think of it as vanity. But the truth is, it's also about maintaining good skin health - especially when you suffer from skin conditions like adult acne.

Adult acne is quite challenging to cure. You might find yourself using different topical treatments and yet nothing seem to work. With this, professional help would definitely be needed. Pricking on it with your bare hands or with tools without a specialist's assistance can just make the condition of your face even worse. Why? Doing so may cause further infection specifically when your tools are not sterilized or when you hit on points on your face which must be avoided.

There are a number of treatments offered by beauty salons and skin clinics alike. They both offer facial cleaning as a basic treatment. Obviously, the salon treatments cost less because they are performed only by trained attendants who didn't major in dermatology. If you do not want to risk your skin health, drop by a credible clinic where treatments are performed by specialists.

Adult acne comes along with other negative effects like scarring and skin discoloration. If they are not treated early on, they can sink deep into the skin and the dark spots they bring would be very hard to remove. With the technological breakthroughs happening around, such scar removal does not have to be painful at all. Laser light treatments are meant to lighten these discolorations without posing much harm and effect on your skin.

Making our facial skin beautiful and damage-free is key to creating in us self-confidence. Admit or not, clear skin makes us look clean and professional particularly when we meet people for business purposes or other concerns. A clear skin, in fact, may give you an edge over other applicants when  you are lined up for a job interview.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Health Dangers Of Undergoing Hair Treatments

photo credit: NYtimes
If you are not born with naturally beautiful hair, you would definitely be saving up just to have your wiry locks treated once or twice in a year. But, did you know that hair treatments such as coloring, rebonding and straightening among others are dangerous to health? Yeah. That is despite the fact that well-known salons swear on their safety.

Now, these might make you think twice about getting your hair treated in the salon. Right?

Eye irritation is the primary damage which hair treatment can give you. The chemicals used in treating hair can be strong. They may not hurt your eyes at the instant they get applied to your hair strands but they can even cause blindness as they sit on your head for a couple of hours.

Next to the eyes, your nose can get irritated too. Bleeding is one manifestation of this. As your nose is irritated, you could experience difficulty in breathing. Coughs and sneezing can soon develop.  Lastly, your scalp and skin in the forehead, nape, shoulders and even your face can get rashes and other forms of itching.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Sweating: Its Importance To Our Body

Do you work all day in the office in front of the computer? And there's no way you are hitting that 10,000 steps mark for a day to sweat out?  If your answer to both questions are yes, you are most likely to be overweight and sickly. But if you're not, you're lucky.

Having a physical activity is definitely key in sweating. On the other hand, you would not sweat no matter how you move if your whole body is dehydrated. Therefore, drinking lots of water can trigger that generous sweating you are looking forward to experience.

#1 Healthy glowing skin

Skin experts say they can easily identify whether  a person is properly hydrated with just one look at his or her skin. In the same manner, they can tel whether a person exercises to sweat through the looks of his or her skin. The entire skin in our body is filled with pores. When they get blocked by the dirt around us, the toxins stay inside our bodies. Sweating is a good way to release those toxins out of our bodies.

# 2 Relief from overheating

Sweating gives our bodies freedom from overheating. When we feel hot inside, we start to sweat as this is the way through which our bodies adapt to the surrounding temperature and keep us from fainting due to heat stroke.

# 3 Stronger body

This related to the release of toxins due to sweating. Our internal organs can be covered with toxins and they signal us about it when we have fever. There are times when resting and taking medicine do not help. Rather, sweating takes the illness out of our bodies.