Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Health Dangers Of Undergoing Hair Treatments

photo credit: NYtimes
If you are not born with naturally beautiful hair, you would definitely be saving up just to have your wiry locks treated once or twice in a year. But, did you know that hair treatments such as coloring, rebonding and straightening among others are dangerous to health? Yeah. That is despite the fact that well-known salons swear on their safety.

Now, these might make you think twice about getting your hair treated in the salon. Right?

Eye irritation is the primary damage which hair treatment can give you. The chemicals used in treating hair can be strong. They may not hurt your eyes at the instant they get applied to your hair strands but they can even cause blindness as they sit on your head for a couple of hours.

Next to the eyes, your nose can get irritated too. Bleeding is one manifestation of this. As your nose is irritated, you could experience difficulty in breathing. Coughs and sneezing can soon develop.  Lastly, your scalp and skin in the forehead, nape, shoulders and even your face can get rashes and other forms of itching.