Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Canned Foods: Why You Should Avoid Eating Them

It has been said may times that canned goods are not good for our health. Yet many choose them over fresh produce because they're easier to prepare and eat --- just what we need to survive a fast-paced world. Here are few reasons which might cause you to think twice about buying canned goods.

Canned goods include rat-killing chemicals. Bisphenol or BPA is used in lining the insides of the cans. It is believed to help in keeping the food products inside the cans to last longer. BPA kills rats in laboratories even though it is consumed in smaller portions.

Canned goods are rich in preservatives and salt. Salt is mixed with preservatives to keep the molecules of the latter from compounding. Preservatives and salt are not drastically harmful towards healthy people. They are directly harmful to pregnant women, babies, children, elderly, or people with chronic diseases.

Canned goods are prone to aluminum leaks. Aluminum cans leak due to many reasons. This is true even when they have been sealed properly. Aluminum mixes with the food inside the can. Aluminum ingestion can cause varied diseases over time. In fact. medical experts say that Alzheimer's and other memory problems can be caused by frequent acquisition of aluminum from food.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Three Reasons Why You Should Stop Eating Pork

Pork is delicious especially when it comes in the form of bacon. If you're keen about leading a healthy life, it is best that you avoid pig's meat and choose its white counterparts. Can't resist pork in your every meal? These things might change your mind.

Pigs eat anything. Pigs eat anything under the sun - from garbage to rotten  produce to animal and human excrement. All these become part of their meat in time. There are pork suppliers who are true to their goal of feeding their pigs with organic feeds. However, you can't be assured the pork that gets to your plate got nourished with at least clean feeds if not organic.

Eating pork can cause trichinosis. Trichinosis is a disease which can be mistaken for acute alcoholism, arthritis, gall bladder trouble, gastritis, meningitis, MS, and rheumatism. This is because its symptoms are similar to the said conditions. Trichinosis results from the presence of many parasites inside pigs. These Flukes, tapeworms, worms, and trichinae worms.

Pigs don't have sweat glands. Since pigs are unable to sweat, the toxins which come from the dirty food they eat stay inside their bodies. These toxins are transferred into your body when you consume pork. Moreover, pigs carry H1N1 virus and other viruses.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

How Bitterness Can Affect Your Health

Painful experiences in our lives can cause bitterness in oour hearts. Bitterness affect the way we view and relate to other people. In fact, bitterness can even cause a physically fit person to be sick.

According to psychologist Dr. Carsten Wrosch, “Persistent bitterness may result in global feelings of anger and hostility that, when strong enough, could affect a person’s physical health.” If bitterness can get you sick, it can also greatly affect the quality of your life.

Dr. Wrosch explains further, "Bitterness may forecast patterns of biological dysregulation (a physiological impairment that can affect metabolism, immune response or organ function) and physical disease."

This somehow explains why bitter people often experience stomach pains. They also suffer from indigestion.

Bitterness can be avoided through the process of self-regulation. A bitter person  must be engaged and disengaged to other activities in order to overcome their negative emotions. If the bitterness is caused by a failure or frustration, the person must find ways to achieve his goals and continue with his previous plans.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

All You Need to Know About Bad Habits

Bad habits prevent us from leading a healthy and well-balanced life all year round. They even stop from achieving our present goals and creating new ones each year.

No matter how willing we are to change, breaking our bad habits is not really easy. Here are few reasons that explain this fact.

- Anxiety
- Budget Constraints
- Denial
- Fear
- Ignorance
- Inefficiencies
- Lack of Motivation
- Laziness
- Poor Time Management
- Procrastination
- Roadblocks

When it comes to breaking bad habits concerning your health,  limited budget can stop you from achieving your health goals. Laziness and poor time management can ruin your willingness to change the negative ways by which you accomplish tasks at school or at work.

Here's a short list of bad habits. Some of us are unaware that we have them. Read up and evaluate yourself for any signs of them.

Health, Fitness and Well-being:
- Alcohol addiction
- Bad Posture
- Caffeine addiction
- Drug addiction
- Junkfood addiction
- Nailbiting
- Smoking
- Lack of exercise
- Soda addiction
- Worrying
- TV addiction

Safety and Security:
- Not locking doors and windows
- Not wearing seatbelt
- Texting while driving

Work and Productivity:
- Complaining
- Disorganization
- Fidgeting
- Impatience
- Lack of responsibility
- Losing things
- Oversleeping
- Procrastination
- Stubbornness
- Quitting

- Forgetfulness
- Gambling
- Hoarding
- Nagging
- Selfishness
- Swearing
- Texting during meals
- Unforgiveness

- Breaking your budget
- Not saving

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Four Best Ways to Beat TV Addiction

Many are addicted to TV but they're unaware of it. TV addiction can greatly affect your health and productivity in life. It can also destroy relationships and make you miss important opprotunities at school or at work. Do you have a loved one who's glued to the tube? Help her get out of this destructive habit with these techniques.

Identify the causes of your addiction. Can you remember when you started watching TV for long hours? What caused you to watch TV longer than your usual TV time? Some people drown their negative feelings by watching TV. It helps them forget painful or sad things that happen in their lives. While entertaining TV shows can help you with the emotional process you're going through, they cannot impact your life positively in the long run. Seek professional help regarding your problem instead of living a couch potato lifestyle.

Come up with a plan. Start by identifying the number of hours you spend each day in front of the TV. Then, decide to allot one hour a day only for watching TV. If you can't do so, pick one or two shows which you can't afford to miss.

Avoid channel surfing. Stick only with the shows that you have chosen. Don't channel surf. Channel surfing will make you end up watching a movie or program that interests you and forget about the tasks you need to accomplish.

Avoid watching TV during the day. Watching TV during the day will keep you from doing important things. Once you're done with everything thatbyou need to accomplish, do other meaningful things like exercising, visiting a friend or creating some crafts. Write a book if you have the knack for it!

You can lead a healthier lifestyle if you're able to overcome your TV addiction. You will be more productive and  your mind will be able to generate more creative ideas.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Gum Disease - How to Treat It Naturally

Gingivitis and periodontitis are the top two illnesses that concern the gums. Both of them occur with swelling in the  gum area, softening of the tissue surrounding the teeth, bleeding before or after brushing, bad breath, development of pus and falling/loosening of the teeth.

Certain genetic factors and poor oral health practices are the culprits of gingivitis and periodontitis. Smoking and chewing tobacco share the top spot in making our gums and teeth susceptible to disorders. Presence of carbohydrates and sugars in the mouth due to the food we eat comes second. Nicotine from cigars and tobaccos, carbohydrates and sugars dig holes in the teeth and their foundation.

Reversing a gum disease could be very challenging especially when it is brought about by natural conditions. Puberty, pregnancy and menopause are some of the instances that contribute to various oral problems. Diabetes, obesity and stress are the other conditions of the body that harm the health of gums and teeth. Lastly, certain substances found in anti-depressants, oral contraceptives and heart medicines can also make oral problems worse.

The first signs of gingivitis and periodontitis must always be brought to the attention of a dentist. However, not all concerned are able to practice due to personal phobias challenging them. Because of this, people first try to cure them in a natural way. Natural remedies often come in the form of good oral hygiene. It first starts with the brushing and flossing everyday. Both should be observed every after meal. Next is regular massaging of the gums with the use of fingertips. This allows the blood to properly circulate in the area. Rinsing the mouth with saline solution can also lessen any form irritation in it.

There are substances, vitamins and minerals that can keep such irritations from plaguing the mouth. Drinking fruit juices rich in vitamin C and eating oranges, limes and guava contribute to the natural treatment for gum disease. Certain studies show spearmint or peppermint can help ease the effects of periodontal illnesses. For the regular massaging of the gums, tea tree oil is sometimes applied to the whole area. It is expected that these natural remedies may or may not work for some people. With this, it is still important that any oral condition be checked by a specialist.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Avoid Eye Strain with These Tips

Technology has provided us with a lot of things which entice our sense of sight with vivid images. You may not know about it but television, computers and mobile gadgets really strain our eyes. But what can we do? We can no longer live without them especially when our work requires everyday use of computers and mobile gadgets. Here are some tips that can help you avoid eye strain.

Taking a break is the simplest way to give your eyes their deserved rest. Resting your sense of sight does not necessarily mean closing them; rather, changing your view is more than enough. If you have been working long hours in front of a computer screen or watching a marathon of your favorite soap opera, looking up or staring somewhere else will surely relax your exhausted eye muscles.

Building strong eye muscles also prevent eye strain. Exercising your optical muscles is very easy and will not take much of your time. Simply close your eyes firmly for a few seconds and open them slowly. This may be repeated four to five times. It may also be accompanied with deep breathing.

Moreover, dampening your closed eyes with a warm washcloth can give added relaxation effects.
Staring at bright monitors and reading super small text are hard on your eyes. You would be doing your eyes a great favor by dimming the contrast of your computer screen, adjusting the page view percentage and increasing the font or text size when you have something lengthy to read on the screen.

Non-gloss screens and anti-glare screen covers are to consider when simple breaks do not do anything with your eye strain. Positioning your computer screen at 90 degrees angle to any light source can cut down the harmful glare. Wearing anti-glare eye glasses could be very handy too.

If you are experiencing dry eyes after staring at the computer screen or watching TV or doodling with any of your electronic gadgets for a long time, make an effort to blink your eyes every now and then. Blinking help produce the eye fluids you r eyes lose as they get very tired and itchy. If blinking does not make your eyes feel any comfortable, use some eyes drops that can refresh your eyes.