Monday, March 14, 2016

Mind and Body Balance: Your Key to Good Health

In a holistic perspective, good health cannot simply mean absence of disease or symptoms; rather, it is deemed as a state of optimal well-being and vitality. You can say that you're truly healthy when you're able to digest all the things and people you take into your body and life and eliminate whatever causes blockage, pain, sickness and stress in order to re-establish sound mind and body.

The body and mind are inextricably connected. When a thought comes into your mind, a cascade of cellular reactions sets up within our whole body. Our cells observe every thought in our minds and they're changed by these thoughts every second. Such a chain reaction affects our overall well-being and so we must strive to have a healthy mind and body balance. How? Observe each of the insights below.

Take the time to meditate. During meditation, the mind stays awake but quiet while the body is in a deep rest. Scientific researches on meditation show that meditation decreases possibilities of hypertension, heart disease, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and addictive behaviors.

Engage in daily exercise. Regular exercise has a powerful effect on muscle mass, strength, aerobic capacity, bone density, and cholesterol. Regular exercise also keeps the mind alive and promotes emotional well-being. Harvard University professor John Ratey, M.D. says that exercise sparks the biological changes that increase the brain’s ability to learn, adapt, and perform other cognitive tasks.

Make time for restful sleep. Six to eight hours is required to have a restful sleep each night. Restful sleep allows you to approach stressful situations calmly and positively. Inadequate sleep disrupts the body’s natural balance and weakens our immune system. Furthermore, it causes weight gain, depression, and premature aging process.

Release emotional toxins. Emotional toxins come in the form of unprocessed anger, hurt or disappointment. They contribute to the toxicity level in our body and they need to be eliminated. Identify the things the emotions you want to release. List them down and the strategies by which you can get rid of them effectively. Then, journal personal improvements you acquire in the process.

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Monday, March 7, 2016

Quick and Simple Ways to Detoxify Your Body

Many health experts say that good health starts from within. When your body is clean from within, it will show in your skin and overall appearance. There's no magic to achieving this. Rather, this involves hard work which will require you to make wise choices, eat healthy and keep an active lifestyle. Here are some tried and tested ways to detox your body.
1) Instead of a full meal, take a detoxifying smoothie for breakfast, lunch or dinner daily.
2) Choose organic food whenever possible.
3) Drink a lot of water.
4) Choose green tea over coffee.

5) Get a thorough massage.

6) Exercise regularly and sweat out more.

7) Have thorough body massage.

8) Consume fiber in its natural form.

9) Fast for at least a couple of days on a regular basis.

10) Get enough sleep at night (10 pm onwards).

11) Avoid environmental toxins.

12) Meditate to clear your mind.

13) Give up simple carbohydrates, white sugars and fried foods.

14) Incorporate superfoods in your daily meals.

15) Mange your stress levels in a healthy manner.

16) Choose natural remedies instead of antibiotics and other medicines when you feel sick.

17) Massage your pressure points to increase blood circulation.

18) Embrace whole foods and stay away from additives and preservatives.

19) Avoid common sources of toxins - alcohol, caffeine, processed foods and tobacco.

20) Be aware of your body signals.

Monday, February 29, 2016

The Many Benefits of Drinking Cucumber Water

If you're trying to lose weight and be fit, drinking sodas is something you must avoid. But, what else can you drink if you're sick of plain water and you're craving for some flavor? You can try cucumber water. A flavored thirst-quencher that won't harm your health; rather, it will make you feel and look better.

Cucumber water keeps you hydrated. Proper hydration is the foundation of overall health. Water is need by the body in order to function well. Hence, you need to acquire enough water from the food you eat and the liquids you take. As you lose water through breathing, defecating and sweating, you must hydrate your body again and drinking cucumber water is a perfect way to do so.

Cucumber water helps lower blood pressure. Cucumber is rich in potassium which helps lower blood pressure. Having a desirable blood pressure level will keep you safe from stroke, heart disease, kidney disease, and vision loss.

Cucumber water curbs appetite. Most people think that they're hungry when a sudden movement happens in their stomachs. The truth is they're just thirsty and their digestive systems are signalling the need for water. To quench your thirst without gaining unwanted calories, you can add lemons, oranges and strawberries in your cucumber water.

Cucumber water improves your skin and hair. The key to smooth and soft skin is keeping yourself hydrated. Cucumber is best for this as it is made of  95% water, vitamin E and potassium which help in reducing fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes and other signs of aging. Cucumber also contains silicon which contributes to hair growth and keeping your hair shiny.

Keen to create your own cucumber water today? Check out this video.
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Monday, January 4, 2016

New Year's Resolutions for Women: Healthy Changes to Make in 2016

New Year's resolutions are easy and fun to make; but keeping them throughout the year prove to be the opposite. Resolutions which specifically target your health are difficult to start and to fulfill because they involve not only making wise decisions but also lifestyle changes. Here are the most common resolutions which women never fail to list down as health goals every turn of the year.

Weight loss and managing it - Loosing weight is ideal to women who are aging and suffering from illnesses. Extra calories and fats in the body usually cause health problems that deprive every woman the opportunity to enjoy their lives to the fullest. For a weight loss plan to be successful, it is best to understand its importance in your life and in the lives of those people who love and depend on you. Once you've decided to do whatever it takes to shed off the extra pounds, commit to the diet and exercises that works for you. Have an accountability partner who can see you through the challenges of weight loss all year round.

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Quit smoking - Smoking is dangerous to your health. It's one of the major causes of cardiovascular diseases and cancers. If you've failed many times, don't fret. Almost all ex-smokers have failed many times before they have finally quit smoking. Find a program that suits your personality and your needs to save money and time.

Manage stress - Believe it or not, stress is self-induced. Stress is caused by long work hours, little or no sleep, no exercise, no play, poor diet, and lack of family time. Make the extra effort this year to incorporate exercise, rest and relaxation in your daily schedule to reduce your stress levels.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Canned Foods: Why You Should Avoid Eating Them

It has been said may times that canned goods are not good for our health. Yet many choose them over fresh produce because they're easier to prepare and eat --- just what we need to survive a fast-paced world. Here are few reasons which might cause you to think twice about buying canned goods.

Canned goods include rat-killing chemicals. Bisphenol or BPA is used in lining the insides of the cans. It is believed to help in keeping the food products inside the cans to last longer. BPA kills rats in laboratories even though it is consumed in smaller portions.

Canned goods are rich in preservatives and salt. Salt is mixed with preservatives to keep the molecules of the latter from compounding. Preservatives and salt are not drastically harmful towards healthy people. They are directly harmful to pregnant women, babies, children, elderly, or people with chronic diseases.

Canned goods are prone to aluminum leaks. Aluminum cans leak due to many reasons. This is true even when they have been sealed properly. Aluminum mixes with the food inside the can. Aluminum ingestion can cause varied diseases over time. In fact. medical experts say that Alzheimer's and other memory problems can be caused by frequent acquisition of aluminum from food.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Three Reasons Why You Should Stop Eating Pork

Pork is delicious especially when it comes in the form of bacon. If you're keen about leading a healthy life, it is best that you avoid pig's meat and choose its white counterparts. Can't resist pork in your every meal? These things might change your mind.

Pigs eat anything. Pigs eat anything under the sun - from garbage to rotten  produce to animal and human excrement. All these become part of their meat in time. There are pork suppliers who are true to their goal of feeding their pigs with organic feeds. However, you can't be assured the pork that gets to your plate got nourished with at least clean feeds if not organic.

Eating pork can cause trichinosis. Trichinosis is a disease which can be mistaken for acute alcoholism, arthritis, gall bladder trouble, gastritis, meningitis, MS, and rheumatism. This is because its symptoms are similar to the said conditions. Trichinosis results from the presence of many parasites inside pigs. These Flukes, tapeworms, worms, and trichinae worms.

Pigs don't have sweat glands. Since pigs are unable to sweat, the toxins which come from the dirty food they eat stay inside their bodies. These toxins are transferred into your body when you consume pork. Moreover, pigs carry H1N1 virus and other viruses.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

How Bitterness Can Affect Your Health

Painful experiences in our lives can cause bitterness in oour hearts. Bitterness affect the way we view and relate to other people. In fact, bitterness can even cause a physically fit person to be sick.

According to psychologist Dr. Carsten Wrosch, “Persistent bitterness may result in global feelings of anger and hostility that, when strong enough, could affect a person’s physical health.” If bitterness can get you sick, it can also greatly affect the quality of your life.

Dr. Wrosch explains further, "Bitterness may forecast patterns of biological dysregulation (a physiological impairment that can affect metabolism, immune response or organ function) and physical disease."

This somehow explains why bitter people often experience stomach pains. They also suffer from indigestion.

Bitterness can be avoided through the process of self-regulation. A bitter person  must be engaged and disengaged to other activities in order to overcome their negative emotions. If the bitterness is caused by a failure or frustration, the person must find ways to achieve his goals and continue with his previous plans.