Monday, March 7, 2016

Quick and Simple Ways to Detoxify Your Body

Many health experts say that good health starts from within. When your body is clean from within, it will show in your skin and overall appearance. There's no magic to achieving this. Rather, this involves hard work which will require you to make wise choices, eat healthy and keep an active lifestyle. Here are some tried and tested ways to detox your body.
1) Instead of a full meal, take a detoxifying smoothie for breakfast, lunch or dinner daily.
2) Choose organic food whenever possible.
3) Drink a lot of water.
4) Choose green tea over coffee.

5) Get a thorough massage.

6) Exercise regularly and sweat out more.

7) Have thorough body massage.

8) Consume fiber in its natural form.

9) Fast for at least a couple of days on a regular basis.

10) Get enough sleep at night (10 pm onwards).

11) Avoid environmental toxins.

12) Meditate to clear your mind.

13) Give up simple carbohydrates, white sugars and fried foods.

14) Incorporate superfoods in your daily meals.

15) Mange your stress levels in a healthy manner.

16) Choose natural remedies instead of antibiotics and other medicines when you feel sick.

17) Massage your pressure points to increase blood circulation.

18) Embrace whole foods and stay away from additives and preservatives.

19) Avoid common sources of toxins - alcohol, caffeine, processed foods and tobacco.

20) Be aware of your body signals.