Sunday, August 4, 2013

Staying Safe In The Sun

Now that the ozone layer is depleting, many people are anxious about going under the sun even just for a short walk. Countries that are positioned right under the biggest holes in the  ozone layer encourage their countrymen to take extra care of themselves whenever they are outside their homes. Here are some practices which you can observe everyday.

Wear sunscreen - At this time, specialists recommend sunscreens with higher SPF. It is no longer enough to choose sunscreens with basic contents and good scent. There are sunscreens which  are highly recommended by anti-cancer organizations. It is best to choose one of these more than any other brand. Look for UVA/UVB indications. Apply the sunscreen generously on your skin to ensure maximum protection.

Wear clothes that will cover your whole body - But be careful to choose clothes that are light in color so that light will be reflected and not absorbed by the body. Clothes that do not hug the body are great as well because it allows your body to breathe. Under this category, one must wear hats and sunglasses too.

Keep yourself hydrated - Dehydration can happen  quickly when you are under the sun. It is always best to bring along a bottle of water wherever you go. Refrain from drinking carbonated and caffeinated drinks because they rob the body of much-needed water.