Sunday, October 20, 2013

Practical Sleep Remedies For Everyone

Have you been relying  greatly on the power of sleeping pills lately? If yes, this is not a good sign for your health because sleeping pills can pose negative effects on your overall condition besides making you relaxed and sleeping. With this, it would be good to have a plan B - a practical way to getting yourself catching Zs at night.

Prioritize sleeping - Believe it or not, we are not good at this. We tend to do a lot of things at night especially during bedtime thinking that when all our senses are tired we could instantly fall into sleep. While this can be true once or twice, your body will soon adopt to being awake at night and not sleeping at all. Thus, you should prepare yourself every night. Take a bath, change clothes, drink milk, turn off the lights and lie in bed early to condition yourself to sleep.

No to coffee and workouts in the afternoon and evening - If you are a coffee lover, limit your coffee cup in the morning only and nothing more past afternoon. Caffeine can get you up and awake until night time. As for working out in the evening, this will cause your adrenaline to shoot up. Even if your body feels tired, you would just end up restless in bed and not sleeping at all. So, you better workout in the morning when all the adrenaline rush would be  of best use.