Saturday, March 9, 2013

Healthy Living with Basic Health Care Tips (Part 2)

Just a piece of health care advice: a substance wouldn’t be prohibited if it isn’t bad for your health. The government and health sector would prescribe it to citizens if that was the case.

Artificial colouring. Artificial flavours. Artificial everything. To make life and food preparation easier, people have succumbed too artificial methods. But natural is always the best. Chemicals are bad for our health, even the type of chemicals they put on vegetables to keep them fresh longer. Consider your healthy options. Go organic if you can. Organic products are your best bet, although they can be rather expensive.

How do you feel? Are you experiencing a great deal of stress? The last of today’s health care tips: avoid stress. Don’t worry too much. You don’t want wrinkles on your pretty face, and you absolutely don’t want a heart attack!

Some disorders are actually associated with one’s mental and emotional condition. Remember those times you went to the doctor because you have this horrible headache and painful chest spasms? And the doctor asks you if you’ve been doing overtime at work and if you’re under a lot of work related pressure? A troubled mind and a broken heart can actually affect your body’s ability to cope. You may not notice it, but it is not just your psychological defenses that get weaker. Your body gets affected when your mind’s messed up.

There’s nothing wrong with listening to health care advice every now and then. It may actually help you live a longer life.