Monday, March 4, 2013

Breastfeeding To Lose Weight: A Myth?

When I gave birth to my first child, I did not exert much effort to be consistent with my breastfeeding.  I did try it for a few weeks - on and off -  but I totally surrendered afterwards. Oh well, it is quite painful especially when my child had developed the habit of biting my nipple.

Its many benefits are not new to me as I often hear them from other moms. But I never took the time to experience it myself. It is only when I was having troubles with weight management that I thought of getting back to it. But 'twas already late and my breasts have already stopped lactating.

And so, when I got pregnant with my second child, I planned to breastfeed up until the time I have got milk to expend. Contrary to what I thought, I did not lose my appetite while breastfeeding. In fact, I ate more. But my appetite was leaning towards eating the healthy foods that my body needs to produce milk.

Honestly, I did not lose weight drastically. I was able to shed my pregnancy pounds gradually as I continue to breastfeed consistently. I did compare my pictures which were taken months after I gave birth with my first child and second child respectively. And yes, there was a significant difference in my figures in the photos. Weight loss through breastfeeding is not a myth after all.