Friday, July 11, 2014

Ways Dishwashing Detergents Can Endager Your Health

Although dishwashing detergents are known to for its positive effects, many studies show that they can also be sources of health problems. The latter happens when dishwashing detergents are ingested in large amount or for a long period of time.

Dishwashing detergents in liquid, paste or powder form can remain on dishes even after several washes. With this, they can transfer on the food cooked in the pots and pans or served on the dishes. When the food served on the dishes containing detergent residue is hot, the transfer of the residues happens quickly. Thus, it is easier for us to ingest these dishwashing detergents. 

Poisoning will not occur at an instant. It will happen gradually as we ingest small amounts of dishwashing detergents over time. Chlorine is the number one element in dishwashing detergents that settles in our bodies after ingestion. Chlorine build up in our system causes liver malfunction. Additionally, it causes formation of freckles and weakness of the immune system. When the immune system is weak, our bodies are more prone to absorbing harmful elements like cadmium. Cadmium absorption results to blood poisoning over time.

Our pets are not safe from the negative effects of dishwashing detergents. If their food containers and food pans are washed with dish detergents, they will experience poisoning in a similar manner. However, their liver malfunction can be more serious. This is because their livers are unable to store various chemicals like human livers. Thus, our pets can lose appetite easily and vomit unceasingly when a certain amount of dishwashing detergents is ingested.