Friday, July 18, 2014

Green Lampshades: How To Find One

Have you heard of green lampshades? They look similar to the regular ones but they are a lot safer to use. They make wonderful additions to a home with green pieces of furniture.  

Regular lampshades are mass manufactured. Because of this, they are made of materials that are non-green. The fabric and the frame are put together with the use of styrene and glue. Styrene has petroleum content in it which becomes very toxic when heated. The components of styrene are released into the air every time the lampshade is used.

Many eco-friendly manufacturers today thought of using organic materials for modern lampshade production to eliminate the need for styrene backing. One of these materials is organic cotton. To form a neat lampshade, manufacturers attach organic cotton over the wire frame that has been shaped accordingly. Besides being non-chemical, organic cotton makes a wonderful lampshade material as it is breathable and capable of giving a warm glow to a dark room. 

Another non-toxic material is organic felt.  Organic felt has different components from cotton. Nonetheless, it makes a suitable material for green lampshades.  Lampshades made of organic felt are capable of directing the fall of the light from the source. The good thing about this is wider shading coverage is acquired.

To find the perfect green lampshades for your home, you can search online for known manufacturers. Oftentimes, blog reviews make helpful references for purchases. If ever you drop by a lampshade store, ask the sales agents about the materials with which the Iampshades were made. Inquire for models that are made of organic materials as stated above. Expect green lampshades to cost more than the regular ones because most of them are carefully made by hand.