Friday, July 4, 2014

Dreams: Revelations Of Your Real Health Condition

Oftentimes, people refer to dreams as a supernatural means to predict their future or make sense out of their lives. While no one can contest the possibility of both, medical experts believe that dreams can reveal a person’s real health condition. Certain studies show how dreams provided early warnings to patients even before definite symptoms of diseases appeared. Let us take a look what nightmares or graphic dreams might tell about your health. 

According to sleep expert Professor Jim Horne, nightmares can be caused by beta blockers, heart problems and migraines. Beta blockers are medications effective in widening the blood vessels. But it alters specific brain chemicals that induce nightmares. Heart problems affect a person’s breathing process. Low oxygen problems causes alteration of similar brain chemicals that stimulate bad dreams. Nightmares signal forthcoming migraines or vice versa. Severe headaches happen deep in the night especially when stress or heavy emotional upheavals like are unresolved during the day.  

Dreams of being attacked are possible symptoms of Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s diseaseDr. Oscroft explains that these dreams cause the sleepers to thrash in bed. This is brought by the damage in the part of the brain that controls our dreaming 'safety switch' and prevents sleepers from thrashing.  In time, such condition results to memory loss problems.

Being overweight, stressed or depressed trigger dreams that wake you during your first few hours of sleep. Professor Horne explains that fat deposits in the stomach pressures the valve in between the stomach and the gullet. Because of this, stomach acid splashes back up the stomach and causes heartburn. Heartburn can keep you awake and away from the dreaming stage.