Saturday, June 27, 2015

Sure-Fire Ways to Beat Neck Pain

Neck pain can be very stressful because it is the kind of pain that pounds on your head and limits the movement and performance of your entire body. Massage, stretching and taking frequent breaks from work can lessen the chances of your neck pain from getting severe. But all these won't be enough especially when you need to accomplish a lot of tasks.

Neck pain is best addressed by observing certain practices that support the neck and frees it from pressure all the time. Keen to know what these practices are? Read up.

Avoid slouching - It is tempting to slouch when you’re tired. To avoid doing this, always  lean on your back and make sure that your back is supported. Keep both of your feet on the ground and relax your shoulders. When typing or doing something on the table, refrain from leaning forward or looking down. Always keep your head at eye-level.

Don't cradle your phone in between your chin and shoulder when making calls - Use a headset or put your phone in loud speaker if you make and receive a lot of phone calls while doing something. Cradling your phone can strain your neck.

Do some stretching exercises - Take frequent breaks when working. Do some stretching while on break by moving your head gently from side to side and shrugging your shoulders up and down.

Avoid sleeping on your tummy - This is stressful for the neck especially that you sleep long hours at night. Sleep on your back. Choose a pillow that the natural curves of your neck can handle. Sleeping on your sides is also acceptable.