Saturday, June 20, 2015

Overcome Loneliness Today with These Techniques

Loneliness can be affecting your daily routine without you even noticing it. If you fail to nip it, it can be coupled with hopelessness and worthlessness. While lack of companions can cause a person to be lonely, the feeling of loneliness springs from something deeper like shame, guilt or belief of inadequacy.

Loneliness is best overcome by having healthy interactions and relationships with your family, friends and co-workers. Lonely moments are inevitable but you must take the effort to forget them and be healed from them. Here are the techniques that will help you achieve so.

Awareness - Be aware of your feelings. Observe signals from your body like emptiness in the chest and tightness in your throat. Cry if you feel like crying. It will make you feel relieved.

Acceptance - Accept the fact that you're lonely and don't numb yourself of it. Distracting yourself by overworking or over-entertaining yourself is not healthy. Avoid from criticizing yourself. Accept your uniqueness - your imperfections and strengths.

Compassion - Know that other people experience loneliness too even though they may not talking about it openly. You can ease your pain by showing compassion to people who go through similar situations. Allow yourself to receive compassion from these people too.

If you need more specific ways to battle loneliness, observe the following:

1) Do not isolate yourself from people.
2) If you are in an unhealthy relationship, break it off.
3) Enrich your current relationships with the people who support you.
4) Seek help and support from the ones who care for you.
5) Be proactive.
6) Enjoy solitude.