Saturday, June 13, 2015

Hand and Finger Exercises: All You Need to Know

Have you ever thought why your hands and fingers are not as flexible and strong compared to those of your friends? While genetic make-up can be a valid reason, it is not the only explanation to that. Proper and regular exercises can also increase the flexibility and strength of your fingers.

You must make an effort to exercise your hands and fingers everyday. Working with your hands and fingers non-stop for the whole day is different from exercising them. The short video below will show you how you can give them a good stretch and break from their usual work.

You can also use an exerciser in stretching your hands and fingers. It is a hand-held exercise device that has four or five independent spring-loaded buttons or plungers that the fingers push down to exercise. On second-generation units, the resistance is adjustable on each plunger.

There are at least five reasons why using an exerciser would be more beneficial to your fingers and hands. They are the following:

Fingers are exercised individually. The individual plungers ensure that each finger gets exercised and strengthened and that no finger gets left out. You can optimize the resistance on each plunger by making some adjustments so that every finger gets the ideal workout every time.

Finger skills and stamina are improved. Independent finger movement, finger dexterity, mobility, and agility are four of the top skills which are improved by this device. This device also practices your hands and fingers not to get tired quickly when doing something. Athletes and musicians alike benefit from this greatly.

Additional finger extension exercises. These exercises are made possible by the newer 5-button devices and are critical for musicians. They strengthen the fingers for playing those difficult chords where the fingers are stretched far apart. This capability is unique to hand and finger exercisers.

Additional trigger finger exercises. These exercises provide for a smooth finger action and a steady hand when shooting. They are great for target shooters and hunters.

Wrists and forearms are strengthened. By placing the unit upside down on a table and pressing down with the hand, they can be used to strengthen the wrists and forearms. This capability makes these devices extremely versatile.