Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Lao and Thai Dishes - Eat Your Way to a Healthier You

My love for Asian food started about six years ago when I decided to live a healthy lifestyle. During my research, I found out that the incidence of chronic diseases is lower among Asians than Westerners. This is because of the food that they eat.

Lao and Thai dishes are two of the Asian cuisines that I find healthy to eat. Both are prepared in a traditional way using the freshest ingredients available. Oftentimes, the cuisines are mistaken as being one and the same because of their culinary similarities. Nonetheless, each cuisine has its own tasty distinctions.

Green papaya salad is a dish common to both cuisines. It is prepared using lime, hot chili, fish sauce and palm sugar. Let us consider the ingredients one by one and see how each of them can benefit one’s health.

Green papaya contains essential enzyme and nutrients that promote excellent digestion. Chili boosts the immune system. It can clear the sinuses and eliminate nasal congestion. Lime is useful in helping to cure common colds, headache and stomachache. Finally, palm sugar is rich in polyphenols and antioxidants that can keep your body and heart young and healthy.

Meat salad is another dish included in both cuisines. It is popularly known as Laap and Larb in Laos and Thailand respectively. It comes in duck, fish and pork variations. The meat used in this dish is cut and served in the recommended amount. Then it is tossed in lime, herbs and spices for added flavour. All in all, Laap and Larb is a great source of protein.

If you’re keen to discover other Lao and Thai dishes that are good for your health, watch this video from a restaurant that offers them. There’s a link in the video description if you want to find out more about the Holy Basil Restaurant.