Friday, December 12, 2014

Jaw Pain - Other Causes and Treatment

Bone Spurs - These are also known as bony outgrowths that happen among adults. Projection of impacted wisdom teeth definitely cause hurting sensation to this joint.

Arthritis - The mandibular joint is the specific area that Arthritis attacks. In relation to this, Temporomandibular or TMJ jaw pain is caused by chronic inflammation of this bone.

Sinus Infections - Sinus infections as well as ear infections may lead to jaw pain. This is because of the pressure in the ears and sinus cavities which are connected to this facial joint.

Necrosis - This is characterized by swollen glands in the neck which in turn results to hurting sensations in one's facial joint.

There are times when the ache that these conditions bring are bearable. If that is the case, you can try applying gentle pressure to the tender areas  of your jaw. Avoid possibility of deep massages as this facial joint is severely delicate. In between the gentle massages, you can slowly open and close your mouth to relieve the pain. Be keen to observe if the hurting sensations increase once pressure is applied. This must be a hint for you to stop with the gentle massage.

Giving your facial joint a rest is also advisable. Excessive use of it as in talking and/or chewing must be avoided. Chewing gums, for one, is not healthy because it induces constant movement of the jaw muscles making the related joint swollen and painful. Also, try to relax your neck and shoulders. Strain in these body parts due to wrong posture when working or sleeping can also result to an aching facial joint.

In conclusion, seeing medical practitioners like dentists and ENT doctors would be ideal in eradicating any of the causes of jaw pain you might have. After requiring some check-ups and X-rays, they will immediately advise you of the most appropriate measures. They could be prescription drugs, surgeries, therapies or use of dental appliances.