Friday, December 5, 2014

Jaw Pain 101 - Know Its Causes

The many causes of jaw pain may be identified with different medical problems. Varied as they are, they can be categorized into two: primary and secondary. The first type involves a condition affecting the jaw directly and this can be treated by a dentist or an ears, nose and throat doctor. The second type, on the other hand, involves a condition affecting other parts of the body and causing the pain to migrate towards that part of the chin. Such a situation may be more difficult to resolve and so needs the expertise of other medical specialists.

This post though would focus on the most common causes of jaw pain under the first category. They are trauma, dental problems, bone spurs, arthritis, sinus infections and necrosis.

Trauma - Trauma usually results to a broken jaw. Accidents or direct hitting on this facial bone are the common culprits to this. Moreover, excessive teeth grinding called bruxism can also trigger such trauma.

Dental Problems - Cavities, damaged teeth, teeth extractions, oral surgeries and fillings and severe gum infections can sometimes be very painful to the jaw. This is why gum disease treatment must be prioritized to prevent further problems.