Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Revealed: The Truth about Watching TV Close Up

It has been said many times that watching your favourite TV program close to the screen can cause blindness. Well, I have personally hurt my eyes watching TV close up but I have not gone blind because of it. I think, watching too much TV is what affects one's eyesight and not the distance.

According to Dr. Lee Duffner of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, watching TV close up cannot cause physical damage to the eyes. Rather, it can cause eye strain and fatigue. The same goes to watching TV at odd angles. Eye strain and fatigue will not require you to take any medicine. It will simply require you to rest your eyes and get enough amount of sleep. Doing both will help your eyes get back to normal again.

Some people think that nearsightedness is caused by watching TV close up. The truth is this habit cannot cause nearsightedness. In fact, nearsightedness could be one of the reasons why others watch TV close up. If you're experiencing signs of nearsightedness, it is best for you to consult an eye doctor right away.

Medical experts, on the other hand, link obesity especially among kids to watching too much TV. As you focus on a favourite TV program, you are less likely to move; thus, your metabolism rate slows down. When your body gets accustomed to watching TV for long hours, you wouldn't want to lift a finger and get sweaty. The chances of being overweight  will be inescapable for you.