Tuesday, October 7, 2014

How to Care for Your Ears against Infection

Ear infection is a painful thing to go through especially for children. Ear infection can be brought about by common colds that affect the nose and the throat. The bacteria and viruses from the nose and throat can travel up to the eustachian tube within the middle ear. These can infect the stagnant fluid in the middle ear. Consequently, bacteria and viruses will multiply inside this tube and you can suffer from serious infection and fever moving forward.

To prevent ear infection, you must steer clear from things that can cause nasal or respiratory allergies. Blowing your nose the wrong way can also cause infection in the middle ear. It must be done with less force so as not to drive the infection up to the ears.

Smoking is another cause of ear infection. Smoke coming from cigarettes can irritate the linings of the nasal passages and the middle-ear cavity.  This can affect the normal functioning of eustachian tube inside the middle ear. If you cannot quit smoking, do it in moderation.

Consult a doctor as soon as you acquire ear infection. Most ear infections do not start serious. But they can be severe when not treated soon enough. Do not self-medicate and follow all the instructions prescribed by your doctor. When you lie down, stick your ears out on the pillow. Hold your chin up if possible. Finally, add warm compress in the are of your infected ear. This can relieve the discomfort and pain you're experiencing.