Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Healthier Alternatives to Coffee - A Must Try for Caffeine Addicts

Most people are addicted to coffee. Some confess it out loud but some are in the state of denial. You will know  that you're addicted to coffee if you cannot last a day without taking a cupful. And your addiction can be severe if you cannot function well without a hint of caffeine flowing in your system.

Taking coffee regularly can be very dangerous to your health. And this statement is not mythical. In fact, many studies have already been conducted to prove this. The good thing is there are a bunch of healthier alternatives out there to coffee. These are ginger, organic green and peppermint teas.

Most people drink coffee to aid digestion and get energised. If you want to experience both the healthy way, you can drink ginger tea daily or as many as you want in a day. The strong scent of ginger can awaken your tired and sleepy senses without causing your heart to palpitate. Moreover, ginger tea can help you fight bloating especially when you have just finished eating a hearty meal.

If you have just recently stopped drinking coffee, you're most likely to experience withdrawal symptoms. In this case, you can take organic green tea. It contains caffeine but its caffeine content is relatively small compared to coffee. Green tea is also helpful when it comes to digestion problems.

Peppermint tea is another healthy alternative to coffee. It is caffeine-free but is induces the same dose of energy to its drinkers. Do you need a lot things accomplished at work but you're to sleepy to do so? If yes, try a super strong peppermint tea. After taking a cupful, you will surely not settle for weaker tea concoctions.