Thursday, May 5, 2016

Replace Sodium in Your Dishes with These Herbs

Most of us turn to salt whenever to boost the flavor of our dishes. If you're treading the path to a healthier you, salt usage is something you might want to cut off your diet. And don't fret about that because your  meals can still be tasty even though they're sodium-less. How? Turn to herbs and spices for added flavor!

Herbs add to the overall flavor of any dish while enhancing the flavors of the various ingredients in them. Herb-flavored choices can usually be found at restaurants. Take the time to have a meal in healthy restos and look for herb ideas which you can incorporate herbs into your meals at home.

Here's a short list of the herbs which have replaced salt in most dining tables quite successfully.

Basil – This herb is known to promote classic Italian flavor. You can use basil to have tastier salads, sandwiches, pasta and pizzas.

Thyme – Thyme is a good addition to dishes like roasted vegetables and is often found at restaurants in chicken dishes.

Dill – This herb is best to pair with ingredients like juicy salmon, sweet roasted carrots or creamy new potatoes to add flavor with less salt.

Chives – Leek’s cousin, chive, often flavors foods such as potatoes, soups and meats as a fresh garnish.

Rosemary – Planning some Mediterranean cooking? Use rosemary for your bread and pork dishes.

If you want some herb recipes, you can go this page:

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