Tuesday, November 3, 2015

All You Need to Know About Bad Habits

Bad habits prevent us from leading a healthy and well-balanced life all year round. They even stop from achieving our present goals and creating new ones each year.

No matter how willing we are to change, breaking our bad habits is not really easy. Here are few reasons that explain this fact.

- Anxiety
- Budget Constraints
- Denial
- Fear
- Ignorance
- Inefficiencies
- Lack of Motivation
- Laziness
- Poor Time Management
- Procrastination
- Roadblocks

When it comes to breaking bad habits concerning your health,  limited budget can stop you from achieving your health goals. Laziness and poor time management can ruin your willingness to change the negative ways by which you accomplish tasks at school or at work.

Here's a short list of bad habits. Some of us are unaware that we have them. Read up and evaluate yourself for any signs of them.

Health, Fitness and Well-being:
- Alcohol addiction
- Bad Posture
- Caffeine addiction
- Drug addiction
- Junkfood addiction
- Nailbiting
- Smoking
- Lack of exercise
- Soda addiction
- Worrying
- TV addiction

Safety and Security:
- Not locking doors and windows
- Not wearing seatbelt
- Texting while driving

Work and Productivity:
- Complaining
- Disorganization
- Fidgeting
- Impatience
- Lack of responsibility
- Losing things
- Oversleeping
- Procrastination
- Stubbornness
- Quitting

- Forgetfulness
- Gambling
- Hoarding
- Nagging
- Selfishness
- Swearing
- Texting during meals
- Unforgiveness

- Breaking your budget
- Not saving