Saturday, July 25, 2015

Avoid Eye Strain with These Tips

Technology has provided us with a lot of things which entice our sense of sight with vivid images. You may not know about it but television, computers and mobile gadgets really strain our eyes. But what can we do? We can no longer live without them especially when our work requires everyday use of computers and mobile gadgets. Here are some tips that can help you avoid eye strain.

Taking a break is the simplest way to give your eyes their deserved rest. Resting your sense of sight does not necessarily mean closing them; rather, changing your view is more than enough. If you have been working long hours in front of a computer screen or watching a marathon of your favorite soap opera, looking up or staring somewhere else will surely relax your exhausted eye muscles.

Building strong eye muscles also prevent eye strain. Exercising your optical muscles is very easy and will not take much of your time. Simply close your eyes firmly for a few seconds and open them slowly. This may be repeated four to five times. It may also be accompanied with deep breathing.

Moreover, dampening your closed eyes with a warm washcloth can give added relaxation effects.
Staring at bright monitors and reading super small text are hard on your eyes. You would be doing your eyes a great favor by dimming the contrast of your computer screen, adjusting the page view percentage and increasing the font or text size when you have something lengthy to read on the screen.

Non-gloss screens and anti-glare screen covers are to consider when simple breaks do not do anything with your eye strain. Positioning your computer screen at 90 degrees angle to any light source can cut down the harmful glare. Wearing anti-glare eye glasses could be very handy too.

If you are experiencing dry eyes after staring at the computer screen or watching TV or doodling with any of your electronic gadgets for a long time, make an effort to blink your eyes every now and then. Blinking help produce the eye fluids you r eyes lose as they get very tired and itchy. If blinking does not make your eyes feel any comfortable, use some eyes drops that can refresh your eyes.