Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Natural Ways to Avoid Hair Loss

There are many factors that bring about hair loss. Age, genetics, illness, medications, menopause, pregnancy and stress are a few of these factors.  For someone to experience hair loss, one or two of these factors must be present.

Different options like drugs and hair transplant are now available in the market to beat hair loss. Even though they’re costly, they’re unable to ensure hair growth. Thus, rooting for the natural options is often times more effective and practical.

Don’t skip your vitamins – Vitamins aren’t only good for your body and skin. They’re good for the hair as well.  Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin E and Omega 3 work well together to provide healthy and strong hair. 
  • Vitamin A – is responsible for the production of sebum in the scalp. Sebum promotes healthy hair growth.
  • Vitamin B – is responsible for the production of melanin which gives the hair its natural  colour. It also aids the circulation of blood in the scalp.
  • Vitamin E – also aids blood circulation in the scalp. It keeps the hair follicles productive.
  • Omega 3 – contributes to the moisture needed for healthy hair.

Massage topical treatments onto your scalp – Massaging the scalp with essential oils from nature promotes productive hair follicles. Moreover, it helps enough moisture to get into the scalp. Coconut oil and egg oil are two natural items that you can use for this.

Use natural conditioners – Canola oil and olive oil are best applied onto the hair as conditioners. After application, cover your hair with a shower cap for an hour. Shampoo afterwards. You will find your hair shiny and soft like never before.