Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Four Best Ways to Keep Kids Healthy

Your kids' health is very important. As a parent, it is your responsibility to protect them from all kinds of danger and illnesses. Give your kids the important tools for a lifetime of healthy living by teaching them how to take care of themselves. Here four things you can do.

1. Make sure your kids get enough hours of sleep. Kids need ten hours of sleep or more depending on their age. Sleep boosts metabolism and the immune system - two things that will help them grow healthily both physically and mentally. Create a sleeping schedule to ensure that your kids are getting the amount of sleep they need. Observe it strictly, but be flexible enough to push back bedtime during special occasions or whenever needed.

2. Teach your kids the importance of healthy eating. It is impossible to monitor your kids' eating habits. They will always get something unhealthy at school or when they're hanging out with their friends. Hence, it would be best to help your kids have a healthy relationship with food. Teach them that healthy food provides the energy their bodies and minds need to get through a busy day. Such knowledge can somehow inspire them to make healthy food choices.

3. Limit your kids' sugar intake and encourage them to drink a lot of water. Sugar messes up the brain and the immune system. It kills the antibodies their young bodies need to fight viruses so that they don't get sick too often. Train them to drink lots of water instead of sugary drinks. One of the best ways to train kids with this is to  remind them to check on their pee. Tell them that they will need to hydrate themselves more until their pee looks like water.

4. Get your kids to brush their teeth regularly. Most kids hate brushing their teeth because they find it boring. You can make this an enjoyable activity with the use of a timer. Tell them to race against the timer as they brush their teeth. Another thing you can do is to tell them an interesting  story that relates the importance of teeth brushing in a fun way. Check out the infographic below from Coburg Hill Oral Care.

When Sugar Bugs Attack - Explaining Dental Hygiene to Kids
From Visually.

If they already have problematic teeth, search for the latest ways to address kids' dental concerns. Also, look for a dentist who is good at handling young patients. Dental health can reflect your kids' overall health. Healthy gums and teeth would mean they're healthy from the inside.

Getting your kids to take a bath daily, exercise regularly and limit their use of gadgets are other ways by which you can raise healthy kids. You might find it hard to put into practice all these things when you start out, but with determination and proper mindset you'll be able to carry out each of them easily.