Monday, August 1, 2016

Four Ways to a Healthy Menopause

Going through menopause can be a struggle. Only few women embrace this stage in their lives without much issues. Its symptoms include hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, waning of sexual desire, joint pains, vaginal dryness and more such mild to severe health concerns. Making few adjustments to your lifestyle can be of high value to your health during menopause.

Stay healthy. Most of the weight gain happens in 40's and 50's among women. Having a thicker waist can make your transition of menopause difficult and complicated. Staying healthy and fit is the mantra. Prepare a routine and remain watchful towards your weight management program.

Include fish in your daily diet. The risk of heart diseases is more likely to increase after the menopause. Most gynecologists recommend a fish-rich diet twice a week for maintaining a healthy heart. Women can also supplement their intake in the form of fish oil. Fish oil is known for its goodness of reducing risks of breast cancer as well. Do consult with physician before taking any supplements.

Source: Unsplash
Strengthen your bones. Your bones need more calcium after 50 as a result of poor estrogen level. You can improve your calcium intake with a proper dairy product diet and supplements. In case, if 1000 mg of your calcium is coming from dairy products, you should get rest 200 mg (recommended calcium intake per day in the 50s is 1200 mg) from supplements. Low-fat dairy products are recommended over its high fat counterparts and helps in replenishing calcium doses and restoring better health.

Cut down on salt and processed carbohydrate from the diet. This will help you combat bloating. Bloating can be a genuine problem in many women during menopause. It is believed, complex hormonal changes in the body are the culprit behind bloating. Fiber contained whole grains, vegetables, and fruits are your options to ease bloating.