Monday, January 4, 2016

New Year's Resolutions for Women: Healthy Changes to Make in 2016

New Year's resolutions are easy and fun to make; but keeping them throughout the year prove to be the opposite. Resolutions which specifically target your health are difficult to start and to fulfill because they involve not only making wise decisions but also lifestyle changes. Here are the most common resolutions which women never fail to list down as health goals every turn of the year.

Weight loss and managing it - Loosing weight is ideal to women who are aging and suffering from illnesses. Extra calories and fats in the body usually cause health problems that deprive every woman the opportunity to enjoy their lives to the fullest. For a weight loss plan to be successful, it is best to understand its importance in your life and in the lives of those people who love and depend on you. Once you've decided to do whatever it takes to shed off the extra pounds, commit to the diet and exercises that works for you. Have an accountability partner who can see you through the challenges of weight loss all year round.

photo credit: cdc dot gov

Quit smoking - Smoking is dangerous to your health. It's one of the major causes of cardiovascular diseases and cancers. If you've failed many times, don't fret. Almost all ex-smokers have failed many times before they have finally quit smoking. Find a program that suits your personality and your needs to save money and time.

Manage stress - Believe it or not, stress is self-induced. Stress is caused by long work hours, little or no sleep, no exercise, no play, poor diet, and lack of family time. Make the extra effort this year to incorporate exercise, rest and relaxation in your daily schedule to reduce your stress levels.