Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Four Best Ways to Beat TV Addiction

Many are addicted to TV but they're unaware of it. TV addiction can greatly affect your health and productivity in life. It can also destroy relationships and make you miss important opprotunities at school or at work. Do you have a loved one who's glued to the tube? Help her get out of this destructive habit with these techniques.

Identify the causes of your addiction. Can you remember when you started watching TV for long hours? What caused you to watch TV longer than your usual TV time? Some people drown their negative feelings by watching TV. It helps them forget painful or sad things that happen in their lives. While entertaining TV shows can help you with the emotional process you're going through, they cannot impact your life positively in the long run. Seek professional help regarding your problem instead of living a couch potato lifestyle.

Come up with a plan. Start by identifying the number of hours you spend each day in front of the TV. Then, decide to allot one hour a day only for watching TV. If you can't do so, pick one or two shows which you can't afford to miss.

Avoid channel surfing. Stick only with the shows that you have chosen. Don't channel surf. Channel surfing will make you end up watching a movie or program that interests you and forget about the tasks you need to accomplish.

Avoid watching TV during the day. Watching TV during the day will keep you from doing important things. Once you're done with everything thatbyou need to accomplish, do other meaningful things like exercising, visiting a friend or creating some crafts. Write a book if you have the knack for it!

You can lead a healthier lifestyle if you're able to overcome your TV addiction. You will be more productive and  your mind will be able to generate more creative ideas.