Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Other Ways to Have a Heathy Mind

In my previous post, I discussed how proper diet, exercise, communication with others and creativity can improve your mental health. Now, let us look into other ways which we can do in connection to this.

Change your environment - Getting stuck in the same location for years is not only boring. It can also limit your self-perception. Relax and have a vacation whenever possible. Your vacation doesn't have to be fancy. Any place where you can relax and refresh your mind will do.

Learn to accept yourself - We are all created unique. Stop comparing yourself to others - how they look like and what they can do. Doing so will get you anxious and mentally unstable at the worst. Reconcile with your real self, be happy with it and accept your shortcomings.


Try yoga - Did you know that physical, emotional and mental stress can cause muscle tension? Additionally, they can constrict breathing. Muscle tension and poor breathing both affect the health of our minds and bodies. Yoga is noted to be the best exercise to arrest both difficulties. Yoga positions improve the function of the cardiovascular system and the circulatory system. When there's enough air and blood reaching the brain, you can get assured of healthier brain cells and clearer state of mind.

Think less of yourself and think more of others - Refrain from worrying about yourself. If you find yourself doing so, practice thinking about other people's welfare. By thinking of what you can do to help others and acting it out, you are able to think less about your failures. Little by little, you will find confidence in yourself and your credibility to depended upon by other people. This can kick out the negative thoughts affecting your mental health.