Monday, May 26, 2014

Must-Know Junk Food Facts

When the term junk food is talked about, we often think of candies, potato chips and sodas. While these items qualify for the term, there are other items out there which can be called junk food.

In general, junk food refers to all food items that are rich in calories but poor in nutritional value. This makes me think of the food served in most fast food chains and restaurants. Let us take burgers for example. Burgers include meat patties that can be a great source of protein. Because of this, some will contest about burgers being labelled as junk food. But if you scrutinize how burgers are prepared – with all the preservatives and seasoning, you will probably say that they have decreased nutritional value.
According to health experts, the ingredients used in the preparation of junk food cause eaters to gorge or overeat. Junk food is low in fiber and so its eaters don’t get full no matter what. Since junk food is highly palatable, eaters take repeated servings even though their stomachs are already bulging. Lastly, it is high in fats and sugar. Both are a couple of the ingredients that most people love to consume in big amount.