Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Molds And Your Kids' Health

As I watched last night Royal Pains, I got alarmed with the health dangers that can be brought about by the presence of molds in the house. (Disclaimer:  I’m not promoting this show. But if you can to know who the main characters are, check out the image below :D)

Going back to the molds… Well, last night episode showed a kid who’s coughing endlessly. When one of the lady doctors got the kid examined by her male colleague, they found sputum in his blood. He smelled something awful on the carpet where the kid usually plays with his toys. He pulled up the carpet and thick mold formations surprised them all. He then concluded that the molds were responsible for the kid’s health problem.

Molds are fungi that live in areas where there is moisture. They can transfer into the air. When the level of mold in the air is high, kids can get allergies on their skin. More so, they can have respiratory problems, migraines and fatigue.

To keep molds from plaguing your home, ensure the elimination of leaks or spills inside your house. Keep all areas dry. Fix any plumbing problem you might have. if possible, use air conditioners and heating systems. If you currently have molds inside your house and you don’t know where they’re coming from, contact a professional to help you out.