Thursday, June 9, 2016

Three Ways to Quit Smoking Easily

Going cold turkey on smoking can be quite difficult even if you have the biggest reason to do it. Nicotine is highly addictive. This very element makes anyone get back to smoking after several weeks or months of not smoking.

Make a firm decision. Set an exact date when you'll stop smoking. Know why and how you should stop with your addiction. It would be best to do some research first before you start with a full stop to your vice.

Get some support. Inform your family and friends about your decision. Ask them to support and encourage you along the way. You might need the guidance of counselors, physicians and other health professionals. Be sure to keep in touch with them every step of the way.

Have an action plan. Challenges are inevitable. You must be prepared to face them. For example, you must know what to do when your friend smokers drop by your place or when you unintentionally visit places where smoking is rampant. If you're unable to guard yourself against these challenges, you're most likely to give into the temptation of smoking.

By living a smoke-free life, you can be healthier and stronger. Your risk of heart disease and other cancers can decrease by half during the first year you've stopped smoking. You will be able to live longer too. If you need to relieve stress in the future, try your best not to smoke. Look for other ways to let it out.